Dave Whisnant course

Hi. Just wondering if anyone had ever bought this course and what they thought about it.


I haven’t bought his course, but it is in my plans. I have read through his free information that he gives away on his site. He is a really good guy with a lot of knowledge to share!

Hope this helps,


Dave’s course is the best that I have seen. I am into the first week of the course and will let you know I how I progress.

He now has a Free Hard Money List of Lenders.


Hi, I have the Dave Whisnant course and have forgotten my password.Would anyone have one that I could enter to open this thing?

Thanks, Lash

Hey Jen. I bought the course back in May and have now read it twice. I am also on Day 3 of the audio portion of the course.

I do have to say that i am amazed at how detailed the course is and how “real” the man actually is. This is the only course that i have bought and hopefully will be the only one. I feel that this has given me what i need to get started.

The 1 word i would use to sum up his course is “real.”

If you get it, give me a private message and tell me how you like it, i would enjoy speaking with other dave whisnat graduates!