Dave Lindahl's Appartment House Riches??

Just wondering if anyone on this forum used his course or know anything about it…

Thanks investors…


I’m new to this forum so I don’t know if you already have this method or not. I just want to say read my blog below. My husband and I bought real estate and all the info we got was from library books.

I’m sure you can get honest info on this method on this forum or on searches for it.

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It’s so funny that you wrote that reply to me because I was just in the mall today, and thought. “why don’t I just buy some books for not much money and see what happens”

I am starting to read your blog. Thank you so much for sharing…


Before you buy books, see if you can get them at the library first. We never bought one book on the subject and were able to succeed.


Took your advice and picked up the Following:

Real Estate Investing A to Z by??Pivar (Great Book so far)

Secrets of a Millionaire Investor by Robert Shemin

And also How to Profit in Commercial Real State Investing by John B. Allen (thought why not…never thought about commercial)

The great thing is all are free. Plus I have to get them back so there is sort of a time crunch on reading them. There is a bigger library downtown that I will go to next but I think this is a good start…

Plus the first book alone has been VERY good…

Thanks Diane… I printed off your Blog for my wife to read. She is the very shrewd one in the finances while I am probably too liberal with my spending…

Thanks again,


:slight_smile: JC,
Glad I could help. Be sure to take notes on interesting tips. for us it was a numbers game and we wouldn’t buy unless we had a cash flow. And remember, like it said in my blog, we would put very little down and what we did put down, wasn’t ours. We did a classic “on other peoples money”.

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You and your wife have to be a team to make this work. Everything we didn’t have was closer to our goal. We KNEW that if we did without now, we could have even more later and that’s just what happened.

Good Luck JC

Yeah… I am “TRYING” to adopt that philosophy because I do believe in it. Delayed Gratification. I printed out your blog and my wife loved it… Becuase Like I said… she is the planner…
One step at a time… Thanks Diane…

Loud and clear about OPM…