dave lindahl

has anyone ever done dave lindahl’s program? does he suck you in and ask for more fees? Thanks.


I bought his course for $500 before I found this site. I was looking at a 17 unit complex and figured it might be good to educate myself first. I am not an expert, but his course was IMHO very good and made a world of difference for me. I ended up learning things that brought my offer down $75,000. This was to far to get the deal together, but it was also far enough to keep me out of a terrible deal. Before I knew what to look for, I was about to make an offer that I would regret.

As far as “does he try to suck you in”. The answer is yea. That is what these guys do. That doesn’t mean they don’t have something good to sell.

Several suggestions.

  1. Buy on ebay or other site. I didn’t realize that you could and paid full price. (because of my situation, it was still money well spent, just could be cheaper).

  2. Google him to find reveiws, when I bought, he had few reveiws, but they were all good.

  3. Only buy him if you are interested in multifamily. If you are doing SFH, then there are alot of guys to chose from with the same basic material. Lindahl specializes in apartments.

Good luck,