Dave Lindahl experience?

Has anyone else joined Dave Lindahl’s coaching program? So far, it’s been a huge waste of $15,000! His “Creative Success Alliance” is just a sell a thon. They led me to believe if I joined them they would give me a step by step set of directions. What a bunch of lies! They assigned me a coach named Craig Picard, and all he does is give pep talks. Then he told me I need to network and find private money. He gave me a postcard to mail out that didn’t work, which cost me another $2400.00 .

I called in and spoke to Dave’s brother, Jeff Lindahl, and he told me he would look into it and get back to me. Instead, a secretary called me back and explained that there were no refunds, but that I could attend more of their events.

So far, the Dave Lindahl and his creative Success program has been simply a money maker for them. I talked to several others who finished a year of his program, and they were told perhaps they needed a 2nd year, at another $15,000! Any opinions? Mike in NW Ohio.

It’s too bad you didn’t look on here before you spent 15k. Guru programs don’t typically have high ratings from people on here. I’ve not been to a REI type boot camp or seminar, but I have attended other similar things for MLM companies. They’re good to get you motivated, but no one is going to drop a ready made business in your lap. I think so many people pay money like you did hoping they’ll unlock the grand secret and become wildly successful, but they want to skip the hard work part.
My suggestion would be to cut your losses and ties with this program. You didn’t like the appetizer and main course…don’t take the free dessert they’re offering. Of course they’re not going to refund your money. You realize what little value you got out of your 15k. They’re not giving it back now.
Read up and educate yourself. I’m not sure what type of investing you’re looking for, but I’m sure you can find plenty written on any method here on REIclub.

I am glad that I only spent $1,800 on Russ Whitney about 8 years ago. Fortunately we figured out their gig quickly after the first seminar when the asked that we call our credit card companies to get a line increase. All so we could buy more seminar’s. I told them that they needed to show me how to make the money before I would spend more. Our first piece of investment property we bought a burnt out house and lot for $1,000. The hard work will pay off and don’t take NO for an answer! There is always a way to reach your goals.
Good luck

Unfortunately learning stuff is expensive.

Never been to a guru program, don’t have a high opinion of any of them.

Find a mentor who will help you learn the area.