Database to capture buyers/sellers/investors

Ok… so your marketing is working really well and you start to receive multiple hits every day for sellers, would be tenant/buyers, and investors. I’m currently using a database within Open Office (equivalent to Access within Microsoft Office) to track information coming in. I would like
to find an REI friendly softare program for this. Any recommendations?

I have been using a new program called profit tiger pro. It is pretty cool.

See the link in my sig block (am I allow to say this?)

Anyway, I use it and it is great!!

I currently use ACT! Premium Real Estate edition, but there is company coming up with a web-based service that I am planning on switching to.

we use… It has highly customizable databases for maintaining various types of contacts and marketing efforts. Also, its web based which works very well if you have employees entering data from various locations.

As for now I’m going to stick to using my email program and will separate out the
sellers, from the tenant/buyers, buyers, and investors. I’ve looked into several
programs, including ACT and Webex and for now they don’t seem to offer me
a benefit over my current email program (Barca).

I use a MySQL database via phpMyAdmin, which allows meto customize tables to my heart’s content. :wink:

NoMoney… I was thinking of doing the same… and it would
allow me to share the lists with my partner… but DOH… I’m
not too familiar with setting up the SQL databases via my
website. I need to look into that. Do you have an example
that you can show me (meaning your website)?

Their software looks outstanding though a little too steep for a newb like me. Maybe someday…

Sure. Go here. It’s written in PHP and has a backend MySQL database. I have also written numerous investment tools in Java that uses JDBC to access a local MySQL DB. I can send you the source code to one of the programs to give you an idea of what I do.

Stephen, thanks. I capture sellers, potential tenant/buyers, and investors through my website but would like to find an alternative to make a database out of these listings.
You can see my site at:
I don’t include my investor capture page through my site but it is here…

I do like your popups but still wonder how you keep a listing of all
sellers, etc… That is what I’m looking for. I want to capture all of my
investors (and where they want to invest) and send out emails to all
investors or potential tenant/buyers within a certain region.

My partner and I literally purchase properties nationwide. We are looking
at homes in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, California, etc… So we have sellers,
tenant/buyers, and even investors who only want to be contacted when
deals happen in certain areas.

Hi Pauly99:

I developed a software program specifically designed to handle this process for my investing business a few years ago. And now I have it available for all other investors that have the same needs.

Im not sure how to let you know about it without a blatent plug for my software, but it was designed exactly for what you are looking for.

There is a link in my signature if you are interested in learning more about it.



I don’t know if this is what you would be looking for but I found some amazing REI software on: (RE Software section), accessible thru Internet Explorer or Firefox IE Tab.

Good luck.

Interesting…the tech guys (myself included) opted to program their own tools. Mine are still in development, but I’m optimizing my applications to work with my business…not the other way around. To me this seems to make more sense, but to each their own.

pauly99: you mention that you obtain many leads through your web site. if you don’t mind me asking, how are you driving traffic to your site? which method(s) are you finding the most success with?