Database? ACT!?

Does anyone know of a good database program for keeping track of mailings, phone calls, and properties? I’ve heard ACT! is ok for some, has anyone had any luck with it? Or is there something else I should try?

I’ve only fiddled with ACT, so I didn’t get to the nitty gritty. Looked good, but there seemed like it was going to be tough to figure out.

I’ve used this in the past with good results (every day for about 5 years):

It’s REA (real estate assistant). It’s good for creating mailers, contacts, tracking calls, scheduling.

My use revolved around creating a database in a real estate market area (property info, ownership info, phone numbers). Creating mailers with the information. Cold callling the numbers… and correcting the information as well as adding notes to each file.

The times that we ever had a problem, they were pretty good about customer support too.

There was also another product from Costar, that was touted as the coming next BIG thing… but I don’t remember it really catching on too much at the time.

act is good. but it all depends on what you need it for. if you want to purchase it. look up
“act oem” you will find it cheap, i bought a 2 year old version for $20. I have used many contact managers, and one that is very good and often overlooked is Outlook.

I use Act but certainly do not take advantage of all of its features. I could accomplish the same thing in Outlook contacts.

FWIW, I think Goldmine is somewhat popular with realtors.

I like JPopkin’s idea of paying only ± 1/10th of retail.

I used to use ACT! extensively in the 9 to 5 world.

Not really sure if I want to use it again, (might bring back the memories of laboriously working away in a cubicle).

All kidding aside…it’s a good program that has had a huge following.

I would team up with someone that already uses it. Look over their shoulder…lessen your learning curve.

It’s pretty straightforward once you get used to it. No need to learn all the bells and whistles.

All that said, Outlook and the others might very well be just as good…I have no clue.

My impression, though, is that ACT! has “set the bar” when it comes to contact software.


I use outlook contacts to organize my list of contacts as well. I like it because I can flag the contacts and have it remind me when something is due. It’s easy to write notes in the big field and all the contact info is right there.

What advantages do some of the other programs have?

Outlook is not a program to use for mass mailings and mail merges to say absentee owner lists so what is everyone else using for situations like that?

I find that if you just use Excel…

It keeps things simple…

I recieved a request for the link to where I purchased act for $20. If I knew I would tell you, but I really don’t remember. I just did a quick google of Oem Act 2004 and the first result was a 2005 version for $32 plus $5 shipping. The version I got was 2004, so this is a newer version, and I would probably spend the extra $17 for it. So here is your tip for the day. Any time you want to purchase expensive software, do a search of the software name, with OEM, and you are sure to find a good deal.

Alright cool,