Dang you have to love Dallas

I acquired a couple new properties recently (like in the last 2 weeks). One was leased out BEFORE it was done being remodeled / touched up, and the second one leased out a couple days after it was done!!! And these were qualified tenants too - not deadbeats. Dang I love this city! I am closing on another one in a week and working on other deals!!!

Do you guys who invest in Dallas have as much luck as I do with leasing out properties fast?

Yes, I closed on a property December 22, but couldn’t get rehab started until around Jan 10th,I had a contract signed by Jan 15, even though the rehab wasn’t complete until January 29,the day before they moved in,and they were probable the 10th family that had interest in the property,but the most qualified


Ive been talking with ChrisW (whos from Dallas) from this site alot, and he thinks I should move to Dallas too. Sigh… apparently hes not the only one who thinks its a great city.