Dallas Texas Area Investing

Am considering the Dallas Texas area for investing as I will be moving here for work. Any suggestions on resources on investing and whether this area is worth looking into?


Howdy uptickguru:

Dallas is a great place to invest. You will need a cowboy hat and boots or you will look out of place. I know several investors who are buying before they move. That may be worthwhile if you have a large enough investment to make. Kind of hard to justify the expense for one duplex but that too can be done long distance. One friend never even looks at the property. He hires inspectors and appraisers and management companies to do all the looking.


the thing i dislike about dallas [apart from the property tax] is the urban sprawl!
they have way too much land for CA-style appreciation. so you need to make sure you buy at a hefty discount!

yea, don’t count on any appreciation because it most likely won’t be there.

I am getting ready to work the Houston area myself.

what do you mean by “work”. is it the foreclosure route?

I just meant getting my hands dirty with some rental props. For me, getting on a plane to go to Houston would be work :smiley:

I plan to focus my attention there for a bit.

The Dallas market is a bit screwy right now IMO.

There are more foreclosures then ever at the moment. Tons of people bought houses and now can’t pay, unfortunatly most are newer houses with little or no equity.