Dallas SWAT

I was watching TV this weekend and the show Dallas SWAT was on. They scope out these crack houses and they pull a tank up to it put a hook on the front door and drive off like a scalded cat. This hook pulled off the whole front of the house off the porch and part of the roof. I know that your insurance won’t pay for that. That is a good commercial for knowing what is going on in your rent house.

All I could see if that could be my rent house. Make sure you do criminal back ground checks.

I think those are all Mike’s (propertymanager) houses!


Can’t be, he has a rule that specifically says no crackheads. LOL

Oh, yeah…that’s right. I had forgotten…

That’s a great rule, Mike!


Heard about that show. I thought it was a sequel to “Flip That House” called “Flatten That House.” In my part of the country, we just let them blow themselves up. Of course, we have mobile labs that end up out in your pasture when you are not watching - makes that livestock loco.