Dallas Investment Opportunity - Pre Construction


I am looking at investing in a new develpment under construction in Dallas. Development is about 10 minutes from downtown dallas and considered to be in East Dallas.

Will be doing buy and hold, with lease option tenants.

Looking for feedback on appreciation of homes in the Dallas area.

Pros and cons of investing in this area.



I am in Dallas. Send me a private mail with some particulars. Betty

I thought Lease Options were more or less illegal in TX now?

I looked over information again. It says “lease purchase”. I assume you make a distinction between “lease option” and “lease purchase” ?

Please clarify. Thanks.


Howdy Rdavis:

The terms may be different but both are pretty much illegal. You will need a $250/hr attorney for about 300 hours to sort out all the laws. I would stay away. I suggest buy and resell on terms with a deed and a note and a deed of trust. Even this is considered selling sub2 which is OK to date but under investigation. Be sure your buyer knows all the details of the underlying mortgage. It has gotten hard to make a buck on Texas doing lease options or lease purchase.

Sorry, read through too quickly; didn’t see the lease purchase. No can do round these parts.

Anything else, stay in touch. B-