Dallas Foreclosures

I am moving to Dallas TX soon and was hoping someone could tell me where the foreclosure listings are published. Thanks in advance.

Go to Realytrac.com

What about legal papers or news papers?

Howdy William:

Here is a better service for Dallas and Austin as well:



Although the foreclosures have lowered, Dallas is still high compared to the average.

"DALLAS (DallasNews.com, RealtyTrac) – Foreclosures in the North Texas area have dropped, and the Dallas area no longer has the greatest number of foreclosures among major U.S. metropolitan areas. It now ranks No. 4 behind Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. Los Angeles is No. 5, according to May rates, reported by RealtyTrac Inc.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area registered a lower foreclosure rate than Houston and San Antonio, both of which had foreclosure rates more than three times the national average. Although Dallas County’s foreclosure rate was above the national average with one foreclosure for every 1,306 households, Tarrant County’s foreclosure rate dipped below the national average with one foreclosure for every 3,514 households.

Texas accounted for about 12 percent of U.S. foreclosures in May. Only Florida had more."