CYA letters?

I seem to be getting alot of the same objections, I do alot of sub 2’s. People always want to consult their Lawyer who usually knows nothing about realestate.
Has anyone tried to use a CYA Letter to handle these types of people?
Can anyone recomend some things that should be put in such a letter?

I cannot help you with a CYA letter. However, if people are having similar objections over and over, perhaps you need to examine your message and delivery. People who pull the “let me run it by my lawyer” card typically never do. They are just wanting an easy way to tell you “no”. So my thinking is that your message and delivery may need to be modified.

Sounds like code for “I don’t trust you.” They wouldn’t need to consult their lawyer if they thought everything was on the up and up. Or maybe your not answering all of their questions…if they fully understood the process and what you’re offering to do they might not need to consult anyone. Like turbo said work on your delivery. Work with a friend (preferably one that doesn’t have a clue what sub2 is) if you have to, get them to critique you. Tell them you are going to pitch them a sub2 proposal and to pretend like they are the homeowner. If they didn’t know anything about sub2 to start it will be interesting to know how confused they are when you finish pitching them. If they are completely befuddled then the people you approaching probably are. If they walk away feeling like you’re running a scam the people you’re talking to are probably feeling the same way.