CW overvaluing properties - no BPO

I’ve done a ton of CW deals and now they’ve seem to change a few things to “save” some money. I’ve found that with the recent tax values being assessed they are using the new tax assessors value rather than ordering a BPO. 10 deals open right now and every single one is over valued based on using this method and they will not order a BPO. I find myself fighting tooth and nail providing comps and providing proof of the current market conditions but they tell me they will not order a BPO - period. This is causing more and more details to just hit the auction. Sometimes I am able to stop it by telling them they just need to get a BPO out there etc etc and others just go to sale. I spend a lot of time putting together these reports to fight but it seems I am doing them all in vein… Anyone else having this problem. I mean I know they were pretty much over valuing properties to begin with and the theory was the BPO agents were doing this on purpose so they could take the listing after the bank took over - but this is a whole new concept it seems. ??? :banghead