Customer Service

With the growing amount of foreclosures there will be more competition in the SS market coming soon. I am a firm believer that customer service play’s a big role in long term success and separates you from the competition. After all, word of mouth referrals are the strongest leads. (right matt?)

I would like those of you that work with people in foreclosure to offer ideas that make your services stand out in an increasingly competitive market. I have heard of renting moving trucks for the current homeowner, offering to purchase their personal property,… What else?

One tool I have used in the past was to offer to “stop” the phone calls. I haven’t used this lately as most of the short sales I get are referrals, but I can see this working great now.

“Please Do Not Contact Me By Phone” fliers. Promote your customer service of helping to field the collection calls from lenders. Here is the jist of the letter:

Lender name
Loan number
Property address
Borrower name
co-corrower name

According to the Truth In Lending Law, I have the right to request that you, my lender, not contact me by phone regarding my loan being in default. I do not wish to speak to any collection agents about this account. Please make any future communication with me in writing or if you must speak to someone regarding this account, please talk to my Real Estate Agent/Loan Advocate with (Your Name Here) who is assisting me in selling my home. The information obtained by my agent is to be used for the purpose of facilitating the resolution of my short sale.

Signatures for borrower and coborrower
Agent or Loan Advocate Contact Info (Name, Company, email and phone/fax)