Customer Email List - How To Best Email Them?, Use a service? Any suggestions?

We’ve got a customer list of about 5000 people that have agreed to receive email updates from us. We have never utilized this before and woudl like to do so for an event this weekend.

At first I consdiered sending it out through my email but quickly realized this would slow our internet connection for a day, give me a heck of a lot of bounced email returned, and generally slow down my workstation for a day as well.

I’m looking for recommendations for a company I can upload my list and email to and have them send it out for me. I don’t want to be associated with anything spammy though.

I also need a record of reponses of those emails that have bounced or people that have responded with unsubscribe and want to now opt out.

Any suggestions?

Take a look at They provide a nice system and help you create professional looking e-mails. As long as your list is “opt-in” (they requested to be on your list) you should be able to import them in their system.

Tom’s right. Constant Contact produces very professional looking emails that you can change, add links to, etc. It allows the client to Opt Out so that you stay compliant.

I use Aweber:

I use aweber as well and would recommend them.


I have tried many different systems and have settled on Constant Contact. It provides very professional templates and a great tracking system that provides you with reports to show how many opened the email, visited your site, opted out, etc.