Curbs are In!

Those are the words scrolling across the screen. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that in the stock market (and long overdue in my opinion). The good thing is that I’ve been expecting a downturn and I’m short (MTZ, PRXI, and SMTC).

Is this the beginning of the coming recession? I think a BIG recession is long overdue and there is a lot of talk that the world economy is slowing. The dollar index is at a new record low. China is poised for a major stock market crash. I’m going to buy an extra battery for my phone - there are going to be a LOT of people looking for rentals!


I’m guessing you a glass is half empty type of guy… Well, you are from Ohio so it’s understandable.

My hope is that housing prices will fall and rental prices will rise. Then maybe I can cash flow here in the socialist state of California. Otherwise, I may have to join you in Ohio.


Lot of factors really piled up today to drive the market down. I think a lot of traders were being superstitious as well with the Black Monday anniversary. I tell you, those stockbrokers are only slightly less superstitious than voodoo practitioners.

I saw this site earlier today, I’m not sure if this guy is nuts or on to something: