Cuban coffee

Anybody drink this stuff?

Its super strong coffee shots with no milk, in thimble sized cups, chased with cold water.

A part of Cuban coffee culture and its addictive. I mean it gets you really amped up.


I don't know to much about Cuban coffee or how it's grown but I do like a good Cuban cigar and Cuban rum! 

I am sure there will be more opportunities during the coming years but with Castro still in charge it will be a while before we really see big change in the way Cuban people are treated and the way government does business.


Its less about the bean and mostly about the preparation of the coffee that makes it “Cuban coffee”? Its strong stuff. Its like cocaine. When you order a Cuban coffee from authentic Cuban grocery stores and cafes, its not like ordering normal coffee or espresso. They usually give you an option to not buy it or they make a point of saying its very particularly strong coffee. They serve it up like its super potent and highly addictive.

Its way better then energy drinks in aluminum cans…

You do not need to go to Cuba to drink Cuban coffee. Correct me if I am wrong but the beans do not even need to be grown in Cuba for making Cuban coffee, but obviously it would be best if the beans were from Cuba.

It is all about the process it is made with the coffee machine. Then it is chased down with cold water.

Ha ha. Just looking for an excuse to go.

I always wanted to visit Cuba, but to do it illegally, you know? Now that they are allowing Americans in for vacationing, its just not the same.

I heard all you have to do is fly to Mexico, then transfer on another flight to Cuba, and they do not check passports once in Cuba? Something like that…

I will have to try. But one quick recommendation is the Nicaraguan Organic you can get in bulk at HEB (for those that live in Texas) It is amazing.

i have not tried Cuban coffee yet but I’d love to. I’ve only tried Brazilian and of those from Europe and Asia.

Try Brazilian Coffee. It is also good.

No, I personally don’t have any experience to drink this coffee, I only take green teas, but I heard about this coffee a lot,
I take Cuban flavor green tea and its good in taste, I hope it’s coffee would also good in taste.