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With so many programs out there offering CRM;s like Act and Advantage, my question is what software is out there that will be most beneficial for a real estate investor?

When I first started I used Agent Office from Fidelity National Title… Runs about 300 and can be networked but not web based… They dont support it anymore which sucks… I then spent 40k on ACT programmers to come into the office and create an Intranet program that eventually crashed…

If I were to do it again I am certain I would not build another platform… There are products out there like professional realtor (?) and various mail merge systems that whould work okay… I am just a control freak and wanted everything at one hub…

I hear great things about Profit Grabber, VIP and a few more…

Here is the real deal… NONE work unless you use them…

Good Luck


using for a diff. biz… online crm… freakin amazin

also look at very big and well known… investigate both… they can take you through a webx … not knowing your needs… I know i wish that stuff was avail 15 yrs ago. good luck

I use ACT… is a great web-based CRM system, but it might be overkill for your use.

You can check out for another web-based alternative.


Scott Miller

The problem I had with trying to use a NON Investor product was that you always had to remember what function youre fooling or bypassing… Then the teaching curve is harder…

I hated it and Agent Office was a good system… Huge issue was that it is a desk top and not web wased… I love the web based products so much better…

I will say it again you can have the best system and if you leave it in the box it becomes worthless.

Has anyone used

I’m currently using Business Contact Manager and frustration is an understatement.

I’m using it for direct mailings, prospecting, day to day to do list, appointments, and reminders.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I have seen demos for Realeflow and Both are great programs that meet the needs of real estate investors. Realeflow is more expensive than but offers more functionality.

As an Investment Broker, I use ACT! it’s simple to use and cost effective. If you’re a bit more tech savvy take a look at REA. It comes highly recommended from my office.

You can actually get IBuyHousesSoftware for free…

Act didnt run well for me…

I would place my vote for Salesforce, I have used it in the past and thought it was good, but like one poster said, you actually have to use the software for it to work, it won’t do it on its own.

I found this list of web based crm software recently, it might help you find something:

Why do you prefer an online system over a computer based program?

Do any of the listed programs incorporate Email marketing or do they only do direct (printed) mail?

Im trying to come up solutions for a website redesign BEFORE I spend the money this time. :rolleyes

web beats desk top all day long… If youre at a sellers house and need a form , if they have internet you can print one.

IBuyHousesSoftware doesnt have an email function… And I am not a big emailer except for my COI… and I use constant contact for that… Since I need an opt out function.

Source Forge lists 416 Open Source CRM projects available for free. Web based, desktop based, etc, including SugarCRM , a serious competitor to Salesforce At least 1 should meet your needs.


I am also looking into CRMs and currently am reading up on one mentioned above:

It looks good, but before I plunk down 247 bucks, I was wondering if anyone here is actually using this system and if so, how is it working out for you?

If youre going to spend 247 why not get everything … I still say is the best hands down…

I have been using Microsoft CRM 3.0 for about 2 years, and worked with Sonoma Partners that has a add on called Elements that is fantastic for Real Estate. It has a sections when speaking to my clients that converts the buy vs. rent scenario.

My company has been working on a turn-key Real Estate Investment (REI) business management system that includes modules inluding:


  • CRM
  • automated research
  • deal analysis


  • property management
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM
  • built-in marketing campaigns
  • templates for signs, cards, letters, flyers, etc.
  • Viral video for promoting your site and business on YouTube, Google Video

Business System Automation and Integration

  • Integrated internet telephone and telephony
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and virtual switchboards (PBX)
  • Mobile business system in a box (do business anywhere, anytime on your laptop)
  • integrated cell-phone features
  • Form and document automation (MS Word, PDF)

With capabilities to automatically pull-in and process data from:

  • various public records sites
  • home valuation sites
  • MLS (this one is up in the air, and depends on the user having MLS access)
  • other property sites

With integration with popular software packages such as:
MS Office
Web-based CRM (SugarCRM, VTiger, etc)

In addition, no software package is any better than its documentation, training and support. We’ll be offering customization (some free, some paid), extensive phone support (email support is a drag) and training.

We plan on including built-in training so that you can learn as you go through the software, or remind yourself of important concepts, strategies, and gottchas for each step of the buying and selling process.

It’s a HUGE project to build out all the modules. However, I’ve been working on these technologies for my own REI business and feel there is great value to others–especially newer investors can benefit from the CORE system, that will be affordable, yet give them enough tools to help them do their first deal(s).

If anyone would like to contribute their ideas, please let me know you thoughts on…

  • What modules (CRM, deal analysis, etc) are your top 5 picks in terms of necessity and usefulness
  • What other software programs you would use as a comparison or standard for certain functionality (e.g. ACT or SalesForce for CRM, or Quckbooks for accounting)
  • What other program packages you currently use that you’d want to integrate with (ACT, QB, Word, Excel, etc)
  • If you own any other off-the-shelf real estate investment software or web services (to give me an idea of what you have experiences with)
  • What you would be willing to pay for a core system, various modules, etc–not only initial investment, but ongoing monthly or yearly maintenance.

And any other input you might have for me or my analysts and developers.



I think on their site it says it’s $200 a year no?

For those individuals who are financially strapped, you should try SugarCRM which is an open source database that can be used for free.

If you have a few bucks, I’d look into It was initially a mortgage leads sales database, but it can be tailored for most of your sales/marketing needs. would be overkill, but the HUGE advantage of SF is the fact that it’s very good at downloading large amounts of leads at one time as well as tracking your direct mailing campaigns. Plus, SF has so many partners that you can incorporate such things as: email marketing, VOIP implementation (call center stuff) and much, much more. DOWNSIDE: implementation time and costs. I think you have to commit to a one-year deal and have an “X” amount of users.

Hope that helps as I used to run the operations for a large mortgage bank and incorporated many web-based and CRM systems. When used properly, they can provide tremendous value to your bottom line.