Critique My Website

I’ve had this website up for about 4 months now. I’ve done some tweaking to it, and just redid the home page after getting the Motivated Seller Magnet Course. So far I have had about 20 people contact me through my website, and one turned out to be a killer deal (I lost it though because I wasn’t LISTENING to the sellers needs).

I want to keep refining the site as I’m incorporating it into my marketing. Please feel free to fire away, I have thick skin. I do ask that you try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs to sell a house quickly, for whatever reason. Don’t look at it as an investor because that is a different point of view.

I really liked it. I think it’s better to have a page like that than one of those premade ones people buy that you see everywhere.

Here are some suggestions for you…

About you page-
After graduation, I commissioned as an Officer in the United States Air Force and served three years on Active Duty.

Add was after “I”

Solutions page-
What if I am behind on my payments, or in foreclosure, can you help?
YES! You need to contact me quickly though, as we may be able to make up the back payments and stop the foreclosure process altogether. If you are behind on payments or in foreclosure, please call us ASAP so that we can quickly move to stop the foreclosure and preserve your credit.

Maybe add “Timing is crucial, and if you are behind in payments or …”?

How much do you charge?
Nothing! There is never any fee or commission when we buy your house. You will always know exactly how much you will be receiving at closing when we sign the sales agreement.

Maybe change “You will always know exactly how much you will receive at closing…”?

So are there any obligations if I contact you?
There is never any obligations.

Change is to are.

Thanks for the help! It seems that no matter how many times I proofread, there are still things that need improving. I appreciate it.

No problem, I’m the same way and I’ll probably ask for help when mine is done too!

One other thing I forgot to mention, the column on the left doesn’t match up with the picture it connects to for the horizontal column on top. Try making the width of the column a couple pixels smaller. It might mess up the way the words layout but maybe you can take them down a text size?
Just an idea.

Hi Scot, nevermind about that column thing, I think it just looks different it different browsers. I was using IE the first time and when I went back to look again I used Firefox and it lined up fine.

Nice looking site. Pretty basic. I invite you to check out premade templates by monstertemplates or any of the others out there. You can get some really sharp looking templates for about 20$. They’ll make it look like a very high dollar site for next to nothing. One thing about using the web as part of your marketing strategy is you want to have a great presence and it doesn’t have to cost much. I’ve had a lot of people call and submit applictions to me because they thought my site looked the most professional. Just some food for thought.


P.S. Happy Hunting!

Thanks for the great advice Jason. I agree with you, and I was just thinking it is time to redo it. i have noticed that every investor has a web page that looks the same. I’d like something new and fresh.

By the way, yours looks great, who did you use for it?