critique my postcard

I would love to hear comments or suggestions regarding my first postcard. The target is absentee owners.

Thanks! ;D

Maybe try “Call me first if you want to sell FAST!”
It already looks good though.

great use of white space
direct and to the point

Catches the eye. Easy to read. You might want to change the color of the town the property is in , to help insure it is read.

Thank You, I added this to my arsenal.

Looks good, what are you going to put on the bakside, if anything?

I like it better than mine.

Looks real nice. It really gets to the point.

What if you took the second paragraph, put each sentence on one line versus the wrap around.

Perhaps even add a different color to the "I pay all…"part.

Let us know how it looks if you decide to change it.

Looks good.

I would definitely take Bettysues suggestions about the 2nd paragraph.

Aznewbie and IndyBruces suggestions are also good.

Mortgage Consultant is right. Great use of white space.

Thanks everybody. I’m going to make the changes regarding the second paragraph. No back side, because it costs more. The color changes are great suggestions, but I think it costs me more to add a second color. I’ll have to look into that. I’m waiting untill after the holidays to send the postcards.


Have you considered getting a very nice laser printer? It will run you about 300-400 dollars and you can print it yourself on heavy cardstock. It is worth the price. I think it actually works out better. That way, if you decided to change your card or make up more, you can print as you need. You can even do test runs to see which one gets more reply versus having to print out minimum of aprox. 150 like most printers request.
Just a thought,

No, I hadn’t considered that. I have a nice printer now, although it’s an inkjet, not a laser. But I figured that by the time you pay for the card stock, ink, and wear and tear on the printer, and of course my time, you’re probably approaching the $0.082 that USPS charges for their printing. Also their website doesn’t appear to have a minimum quantity. Here is the link:

Granted I have not actually priced postcard stock, or figured out how many postcards i could print on an ink cartridge, so it may be cheaper to do it yourself with comperable results.

WOW! I had no idea that the Post Office can print your cards.

Is that 0.81 for the printing and postage pre card?

Sorry I was mistaken, they do have a minimum production cost of $2, which comes out to 25 single sided black and white postcards.

On “Color Options” it has things like “Spot Color - Red” and “Spot Color - Blue.” I’m new to this, can someone explain to me what Spot Color means?

whatsagirltodo: The $0.082 (that’s just over eight cents, not eighty cents) is just for the printing. The postage is $0.194 per card.

Spot color is just that. Color on one word here one word there. You know a sopt here and there. Just not full color like in a photo.

Thanks for the info on the post office. Do you think that $1.94 per. card is high? If it’s 0.08 per card to print that’s $1.86 to mail one post card. It sounds like I’m confused. Maybe I’m a little slow. Can you help me underestand this.

From my understanding, the total cost is $0.276 per card (twenty eight cents). Those decimals are throwing you off I think :wink:

So if I used “spot color - red” this would be black and white, and some red. Right?

Yes, that is what spot color is.

As far as the cost, yes your right. It must be that it’s still in the am I do best in the pm. lol

Hi Travis,

Great postcard.

Short, to the point and has great capture line with “I pay all costs”

Should be a hit.

Now you just have to get it in the hands of the right people.

Happy prospecting.


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