Critic my website

I just started this website and I have a few properties on there already, can you guys take alook and tell me what you think or if I should change anything?

i would do the following:

  • skip the flash
    have a headline on main benefit of using the site
    the summary of what you do on the main page is confusing
    list the benefits in a bullet list
    “need to sale your home quickly do to unforeseen circumstances.” should be need to sell your home quickly due to unforeseen circumstances.

dude you got to proof read this stuff! there is another mistake on the website at the end of the sentence that i wrote above.


I don’t know how willing you are for criticism, but I will give you my input :slight_smile:

  1. like CrashCody said, dump the flash. People want information, not commercials.
  2. Remove the spinning text thing, that is annoying and takes the eyes away from the rest of the site
  3. Seperate the buying and investors into seperate sites. You don’t want your sellers to see your wholesale deals for example
  4. Get rid of the Place Ad thing. You won’t make money out of it, you’re professional Real Estate Investor, don’t give the wrong image. Besides, its annoying and definitely should never be before your buying and selling links
  5. Remove the “Motivated Sellers” label, that can be insulting to some sellers
  6. Why are the forms on the right side and not left, or below the display? Change the layout
  7. The layout and colors are unappealing and a turnoff
  8. Any content on the site? if someone comes to your site, should they read something or just get these options?
  9. The website URL is fine for a corporate website, but for your marketing it should have better name

Overall, I would start from scratch.

Sorry dude :slight_smile:

At first look . . .

Get rid of the Flash intro.
Text in the body is too small.
The links on the left side need to be turned horizontal to read easier.

Pictures are good.
Colors are good.
Page size is good on my standard 19".

I agree with CrashCody as well. Here are couple of suggestions:

Having your site navigation bar vertically on the left side is unnatural and hard to read. People will have to tilt their head to read your links.
Your navigation bar should be at the top. If people are confused as to what they should do on your site, they’ll leave right away.

Start building your list by giving away something for free on your site. You should have a signup form on your site or a squeeze page where people can get a free report or an audio/video or whatever it is that WILL solve their problem and in return they’ll need to give you their name and email.


i agree with you


Your site is pretty nice, color combination are good. Pictures are good also and navigation is ok. Over all the site is nice and good as per my view.

Color combination is kinda odd… black + blue + white + mustard?

Websites that are pleasing to the eyes often have 2 or 3 colors only. :slight_smile: And they always, either adjacent or opposite colors in the colorwheel.

The website looks a lot better. Just take a look at the PROPERTY OWNERS FORM. There are some minor grammar errors.

What’s the URL mate?