credit score help?


new here, my credit score is a 680 and i own a house and am never ever late with anything, how and what can i do to get my score to over a 700 or even better? any advice would be great…

pay all debts down below 50% of credit limits. Do not pay off entirely, just keep balances low.


Also avoid consumer lines of credit. Like Best Buy cards and things like that. They are not looked favorably upon in the credit algorithm . American Express can also hurt your scores. The way a + or - is determined is how much you owe compared to you limit. When you charge 5k on an AM/EX it will, generally speaking, be reported to the credit agency as a 5k limit with a 5k balance… that is bad, but the frequent flyer miles are good. (Just like Homer Simpson and his cursed frozen yogurt)

It helps to make sure you always pay at least 125% of the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards. If you always make minimum payments it may will count against you.

Go to and order your score power report… this will show you your current score and has a simulator tool in which you can simulate what your score can be if you do different things!