credit reports

Where are you guys getting tenant credit reports online? How hard it is to ge approved because they now send someone out to inspect your place of business.

You can use Tenant Verification Systems, or AAA Credit.
To view the reports, you have to have an onsite inspection, and they are looking to make sure you have a lock on your office door, locking cabinets, shredder, etc.

I had them come out to view my “place of business” which is my house. I paid a fee (don’t remember but it was probably around $100) what they look for is a defined door with a lock on it, a locking filing cabinet and a shredder. I have my file cabinet in my bedroom closet with my shredder sitting next to it. My closet also has a keyed lock on it so I met all the requirements. He got there around 1:00pm asked me a few questions about how I would secure the applicants’ information took pictures of my set up and door locks, up and down the street out front and left in about 15 to 20 minutes. About a week later I got the approval to run credit reports.