Credit Question for newbie

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site and to real estate investing, the last few months I have been paying off collections on my credit report from when I was young and dumb, my question for the group is once I pay off a collection item on my credit report is there an inexpensive way to have that item removed from my credit history.
Thank you in advance.

An offer to pay old collection accounts if the creditor removes the derog comment would allow you to kill two birds with one stone…


Scott Miller

yes you can check with bradley ross law they are great they can delete or clear your credit or lexinton law great question i file bankruptcy now my credit is clear all three bureas check em out they charge about $35 to $60 a month for service :biggrin

Thank you for your replies

Also, try to negotiate with the collection agent to remove items. If they agree, have them sent the deal to you in writing and read over it to make sure it is accurate. Some will some won’t, but it’s more than worth the effort.