credit okay?/income not

hello everyone.

i’m trying to get into the real estate market but not a little help.
i have a 650 credit score but my income falls short.

what are some ways i can get around showing my income so that i can break
into the market

If you’re serious about getting into this business, then you should first fix your credit and build up a little cash. While the gurus like to tout their no money and bad credit “systems”, in the real world it takes either cash or credit to run a business.

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If you don’t have any income, how are you going to make the payments after you borrow the money?

Try doing some of the things like bird dogginng and wholesaling that don’t involve carrying a mortgage. Save up what you earn until you have a nest egg to get you into areas of investing where you need some cash.

I want to add something here. You can get into real estate without showing any income and/or credit, is it hard and frustrating, you bet. You just have to be creative. On my very first deal when I decided to take the plunge into investing I got a house for 20k with 1k down. Our contract was for 6 months with NO payments, but I had to close in the 6 months or lose the house. So I borrowed my in-laws credit card and spent around 5k and rehabbed the place. Long story short I sold the house within the 6 months and made 37k, that’s how I got started into the business. If you have the determination you can do it, just be creative. Don’t let fear scare you from starting, take some action, get things rolling and get it done.

Long time, no see, John…glad to see you back!


Thanks Keith, I’ve been really busy with rehabs :biggrin Glad to be back too.

So how ya been, busy I’m sure. I’ve missed you guys and the site.