Credit Monitoring Service?

Anybody ever use a credit monitoring service? Are there any good ones? As I get into investing credit is my most valuable asset, so I’m looking at protecting it.

Yes, I use a credit monitoring service. Someone tried to lift my identitiy and open a few credit cards in my name some time ago and I’ve been on the service ever since. I can pull a fresh credit report instantly from all three credit bureaus and also check my credit scores. The service will also send me an email alert if there is an inquiry into my account or any activity. At about $15/month its peace of mind.

which one did you use? Comes with 2k of identity theft protection (not much, but it comes with it). They check all three bureaus and have other tools that I like. I get a heads up the within a day or so of something strange hitting my report.

I had a lender do a hard inquiry and I called them the next day because I didn’t give them permission.

As goofy as their commercials are I ended up going with Truecredit. I like the interface and the functionality. No complaints and the price is reasonable.

I stayed away from using one of these, because a friend of mine used one (from Sears I believe) and they never alerted him to anything. He even refinanced his primary residence and the service never notified him.

I’d pay $15/month if I knew they were reliable.

Sears??? Enough said.

I’ll have to check that out, I pay $12.95/mo now and can only pull my report from Experian but get monitoring on all 3. Its worth the extra $2 a month to pull both of the others as well.

I used the one that comes with my Pre-Paid Legal package. It costs @ $12/13 a month and it alerts me to EVERYTHING that even blinks at my credit report. I definitely have no complaints from them.

yeah sears is funny, but I think I see just about everyone offering this service. I see it associated with insurance companies, my personal bank and consumer credit cards (like best buy). I figured if everyone is doing this, it must be a cash cow for them.

maybe I will check this truecredit out, equifax only lets you pull the other agencies reports once and then monitors them.