credit investors

::)hello, i am new to this forum and i am new to the investing i want to get into this line of investment i was told by an associate that i could get a hard money lender to purchase the property and then get a credit investor to obtain a loan for the property and let the credit investor keep the property in their name for a year and lease to own the property for a year and get the tenants to refinance the loan in their name after a year! but my question is how do i get my profit from the deal? when the credit investor take out the loan? and how i find a credit investor?

Hello lynn2invest

It sounds like you would get the hard money loan first to purchase the property at a deep discount that has a lot of equity in it. get the credit investor a loan more than the hml and collect the amount in the middle.

example 50,000 Hard Money
80,000 Credit Investor Loan or refi
30,000 Your profit minus other cost
holding, small rehab etc
I hope that this helps

I would like to know more about this as well. Can anyone help out?