credit investor

Ive read in a few places that an investor can form an LLC to acquire apartment buildings. It can be set up with as many people as you may desire. 1, 2 or 3 people. 1 can be a money investor (put up money - passive) the other can be a credit investor (use his/her credit to acquire the loan ) etc. etc…
Does a lender check the credit of ALL the members of an LLC? Where would I go about finding a credit investor? Thats the missing link in my ability to begin my acquisition of properties.
I will be able to re-store my personal credit after 1 good deal.
Ohhhh…one more thing…what are the thoughts (Good or bad)on a gentleman by the name of Tom Kish. Are his materials worth the money and does his systems work??
Thanks all…
Ray… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t ask me I am biased. I am an affiliate for his programs because the first program I purchased was excellent and allowed my friend and I do do exactly what he said about the LLC and the loans.

We found a foreclosure and made money I was always scared to go out and ASK people about their properties after going through the Carelton Sheets Program.

Nobody in California was handing you their property for your creative deals. But money talks and having the line of credit gave me the confidence to approach people in foreclosure and offer them a deal with some money to walk away.

My partner had the excellent credit and I had the entrepreneurship and my real estate license. We haven’t made our killing yet but at least we understand the process and and can do the process again and again

You just have to do it. You don’t necessarily have to buy Tom’s course there are lots of free information on the Internet concerning LLC’s and Business Lines of Credit.

What state is the subject property?

Does you LLC have a credit rating?

I was looking at Tom Kish’s programs too.

Ginasands - By using his program or finding info about lines of credit can this be done with bad personal credit?

And can you recommend any sites with this info?