credit in escrow CA, NEED FAST HELP!


I’m in California and have a property under contract for 370k the owner is willing to credit back 20k in escrow, so, for a 90% loan I would only need 17k instead of 35k.
Here is the problem; my lender said that 20k is to big of a credit and will be considered a reduction of price. How can I recieve the 20k in escrow with out a 20k credit back?

I had two ideas: have the owner sell the property to my girl friend for 350k and have her assign it to me for 20k or a lein on the property for 20k so when escrow closes I will get the 20k back

Please let me know of any other way or if you know if my ideas will even work?

any help or advice is greatfull

justin carrow