Credit Check Applications!

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Where can I get the applications for credit checks? I don’t want to hire someone else to do it. I want to run a credit check on everyone of my screenings. Happy New Years!

I use National Tenant Network-NTNONLINE.COM
They have a rental application that gives permission to run their credit report. My guess is you will modify it, I did.

Great, I will definitely look in to that. Thanks for the Reply

I use

Greetings reslynn,

Do they have applications for the tenants to sign? Because i heard that you have to give the tenants a form so they can fill out and sign, to allow the owners to run a credit check on them. But i’m not to sure if it’s required or not.

yes, they even have the credit check form in their site you can download for free. they have other forms free for download as well.

once you have your account setup (free) with them, it takes less than five minutes to get the report and pretty indepth report too!

Greetings reslynn,

Thanks for the info. I am currently using the It is great and affordable. They have many options to choose from. I am running eviction and criminal background checks on my tenants. i don’t want to run credit checks, because most of the section 8 tenants do not have good credit. And they do tell me upfront.

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