Credit Card Fraud...Who is responsible?

I did a search on this and the topic found was from 2007 so I guess I can start a new one… :biggrin

Recently someone went shopping with my credit card. I called the company and did all the paperwork but I am angry that someone took my card and went shopping!!
The CC company told me that the charges were in Macy’s (which is about 15 min from me…) if I call the store, could they pull the cameras to show me and maybe I could helpt the police by identifying the person on the camera?
I mean this is really mess up and I went through hell canceling automatic pymts, and I also heard that this could affect my credit. :banghead
Does anyone know anything about this?

I would suggest going to you would probably find more information on this subject there.

been thru this twice myself

yes it’s a pain
yes you have to re-do all the automatic payments etc
the CC company should quickly credit your account, so there should be no long term impact.

It’s unlikely that they have your “identity” all they did was steal your credit card # (check your other cards), so there should be no impact to your credit score.

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to pursue finding them.

(although I did catch the criminals while vacationing in Florida on my dime. Got southwest to cancel the ticket home. Got a kick out of that.)