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Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to this forum and, as I’m very interested in Multi-unit investing, I’ve been keeping up on all the daily posts and I consider this the best source for this topic on the net. Bravo to all the great contributors! Now I need some help and that’s why I’m posting my first thread. I’ll explain; I’ve been living away from home (USA) for the past 25 years in Europe. Although I don’t have bad US credit, I no longer have any US established credit and I will be returning to the states next month to persue a career in commercial real estate investing. Although I have seed money set aside to take care of my company set up and related expenses,and enough for investing purposes which will allow me to do several small deals, I will also soon be needing addition available funds in both personal and business USA credit in order to get me to where I intend to go. I’ve set high goals, if you will.

Now my question is: does anyone know of a reputable credit repair company that’s oriented towards REIs to help them get up and running in an accelerated timeframe (especially in my case). A company that can be easily verified by their local BBB, or other recognised authorities in this industry.

Thanks for any help on this.


Doesn’t sound like a repair company is what you need since your credit is not damaged, its just not there.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your quick reply, and yes you’re correct; and that’s what I say in my message. I didn’t precise why I choose to go with a reputable credit repair co., but I will now. It’s simply because I feel that the credit building process is equally an intregal part of their business and, in turn they wiould be highly qualified to help me accelerate my credit rating without a lot of hassles, mistakes, and setbacks. This is my goal.

I certainly hope this clears up my reasoning on this and would like to see more constructive opinions and ideas on this topic that will help me get my credit issue worked out.



I would recommend the book “Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire” by Donna L. Fox. Someone on this website recommended it to me and I just bought it. I think it would be very helpful in your situation.

Here is a link to a fairly recent discussion on this site;,12030.msg55326.html#msg55326

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My personal opinion is that credit repair agencies are a waste of your money. You can accomplish the same thing that they can with a little “elbow grease”. Try going to;

As someone has already stated, you don’t need credit repair but credit building ideas…

Do you have anyone (say immediate family) in the USA with established tradeline depth and good FICO scores? If so, you could “adopt” a score by asking them to add you as an authorized user.

If not, you can go the route of secured credit cards, adding alternative credit references to your credit report (like your rent or cell phone bill) or applying for no-qualification required credit/installment credit accounts (this approach is obviously the tortoise approach and not the hare).

If you intend to return to the US, getting a mortgage on a primary residence would be a great stepping stone to building credit—there are loan programs that allow for high LTV lending with no FICO scores…


Scott Miller

Thanks to each and everyone of you with your great input. I’ve decided to try just about all these ideas to help me get my problem resolved. Thanks again to each and everyone of you. Talk to you soon.

Don Scott

established tradeline depth and good FICO scores…NO GO!!!

FICO is dropping them…BIG NEWS a FEW WEEKS AGO…

its a scam and i agree,BUT IT DID WORK!!! hehe

p.s Lexington Law Firn does wonders with fixing credit,not affiliated with them…but family member used them with LITERALLY AMAZING RESULTS for low low $$$

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FICO is dropping them...BIG NEWS a FEW WEEKS AGO...

its a scam and i agree,BUT IT DID WORK!!! hehe

FICO is dropping one aspect (gaining credit by being an authorized user) but not joint accounts. It will still work, but those companies will have to rethink their strategy some. It’s not illegal, btw, some just found loopholes in the system like anything else, and will continue to do so going forward. I feel for stay at home moms (or SAHM dads). If something happens to the breadwinner in the family, the remaining parent is screwed, unless they are under a joint account (which many are not, due to one having a higher credit score, longer credit history, etc.)
With the country hurting economically, you would think the gov’t would want businesses and individuals to gain higher credit scores to pump more back into the economy, but nothing the gov’t does makes much sense.

Huh? Why would the gov’t step in to change credit scores? The lending institutions can use whatever modelling they chose to decide if they are going to lend money to you. It’s THEIR money and the place where they get their scoring info is their business, not the governments. Loose lending practices tanked our current economy…let’s loosing it up more and watch it go downhill some more. FANTASTIC IDEA!!!

I have no idea what you are responding to, as it makes no sense. If a non working spouse can maintain their credit score by being an authorized user, to take that benefit away from them is ridiculous. What happens in the event the working spouse dies? The one who would be receiving the credit rating benefit of being an authorized user will not show any recent credit, hurting them.

Lexington Law is the only reputable credit repair company out there in my opinion—I send all of my “banged up” clients there and they do work MIRACLES (I had a guy go in with a 503 and emerge with a 630 in less then 6 weeks not too long ago).


Scott Miller