Creative ways to sell and move a house

I’m looking to see if any of you have found some creative ways to sell a house. I’m looking for some alternative options besides the MLS and realtors, and auctions.

I remember seeing an episode of “Flip this house” where they held a big open house ice cream social type of thing for the block and it said they sold it within 2 weeks. Now we all know they fudge a little on those shows, so that isn’t the point.

Have any of you ever done anything creative to get the word out in the neighborhoods about your house for sale?

I do 7 day Sales.

I advertise the starting price of the house at 75-80% of the market value of the house as the fish hook.

I do 100 bandit signs advertising the auction for sale around a 1 mile radius.
I do internet advertising.
I do newspapers
I do flyers around the area

I try to get around 150-200 calls within 1 week for the event and about 60-80 people showing up.

I’ll always get a few bids for the property and sometimes during the round robin process it runs up to 90-95% of the market value of the property.

Bandit signs are definately the #1 way to sell a house.

I also agree with Tien. That is one of the best ways to market and get people to notice and view a property.

The reason most don’t do it, is because it takes more effort than putting an ad in the paper and a sign in the yard.

The market is changed, you need to do something different.

Go with the signs. Buy as many signs as you can and pound the area with them.

Internet advertising is great too…but not always for open houses. Put out 100 signs and you’re bound to get a bunch of calls and visitors.

Also invite all the neighbors over.

When it comes to signs, one thing you might consider is to look for places where other people are putting their bandit signs. If they are there for a long time, chances are they are leading to a halfway-decent amount of leads. Also, high-traffic areas in your vicinity are obviously good places for signs as well.

One thing I thought of in addition to signs, was to canvas the surrounding neighborhood door to door with flyers, telling everyone about the house for sale and also telling them that if they refer a buyer, I’ll pay a nice finders fee. It seems like if people like their neighborhood, they’d want their friends or family to move there too if they are looking for a new place…

Take a big 7 foot by 4 foot caroplastic sign at Home Depot and advertise the home for sale on the outside window.

You’ll definately get calls.

Selling a house in today’s market is all about PRICE…

If you buy low enough you will be able to sell it fast.

Here are a couple of ideas…

  1. Call your title company and get a mailing list of the absentee owners around the house and mail to the tenants. They already like the neighborhood and you may be able to get them into the house.

  2. advertise on every week

  3. Offer an additional item included within the sales price. depending on the price tag maybe a new car or Harley

  4. naturally your are going to be running an ad looking for buyers in your newspaper

  5. pass out 10 business cards each day, most people look for sellers but passing out cards also finds buyers.

  6. Network with lenders who are having trouble qualifying buyers

  7. Depending on the neighborhood rent a booth at the local swap meet or Farmers Market

  8. Rent an inflatable slide/romper room and get the neighborhood kids over to play… Moms come with them

  9. Offer the house for sale with no payments first 12 months

  10. Put flyers at the neighborhood “Same as Cash” furniture stores

Good Luck