Creative sale techniques

What kind of things have you guys done/included in your houses to help help them sell quickly?

Outside of pricing, obviously…I read Locke’s articles about how he bought a supercheap Corvette and included the car with the purchase of the house and sold in like 24hrs! We were thinking about buying a bigscreen TV off craigslist and including that in the purchase of the house to attract people and facilitate a quick sale.

With the glut of the houses for sale right now, you’ve got to do something to increase visibility and set yourself apart from the crowd! Ideas?

Come one, nobody on here has ever done anything creative to sell a house?!

I like the cheap corvette idea. However, I looked at prices and they aren’t cheap enough for me.

Would anyone buy a house to get a big screen? Let us know how that works.

The one I’ve got for sale now comes with a membership in the golf course. That hasn’t made a drop of difference.

Unfortunately, everybody seems to include new appliances, so the buyers think they have a right to $2,000 worth of new appliances included in the price in every house.

I like the golf club membership idea! :beer Those are EXACTLY the types of ideas that I was referring to, I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t made any difference! I’ll definetely update this post if the bigscreen TV helps at all. And I agree with you regarding the appliances, people just seem to expect them nowadays…

You can always make a hookup for a flat screen tv. I am assuming you did a little bit of work to the property, so how much more can it cost to move an outlet, attach a wall mount and add a cable hookup, etc. Maybe even offer to have the owners tv “professionally mounted.”

Honestly…If including Corvettes in the sale of a home got it SOLD…Every house in the country would come with one…


What I do is price my homes at DIRT CHEAP levels with the following clause…Best offer over $XXX,XXX

The $XXX,XXX number is basically a shade OVER what I have into the property and is about 50% BELOW area comps…This gets EVERYONE looking…It creates an atmosphere of URGENCY…It also gets people to the home that may NOT have been looking for this exact style of home intially. The TRAFFIC at the home (number of people looking at it on a Sunday) also feeds into the “This is a great deal” mentality.

The last property I did this with I had purchased for $60,000…Did NOTHING TO IT…and placed it on the market for $75,000 which was about $40K UNDER comps…It sold in 2 weeks for $105,000…VERY, VERY CLOSE TO FULL MARKET VALUE!!!


PRICE will bring them in!!! YOUR job is to make SURE you are BUYING your properties at a big enough discount to do this…If you do…It works every time and your holding time is WEEKS not months.


Thanks FD, good advice I’ll definetely take to heart when we get ready to list the house. I’m 100% on the same page as you when you say that you need to get as many people to look at the house as possible. That’s why marketing is so important to me personally, and I really throw all my energy into my marketing when my houses are ready to sell. I’ll also see if I can work your clause “best offer over $xxx” in my ads…

Great advice.So many miss the window of opportunity of the first few weeks on the market.My wife’s a full time realtor and deals with these"let’s just price it here then reduce it later"types.She tells them in this market price sells,simple as that.I also include the home warranty in houses I sell(it helps me sleep better)it’s well worth the $$,I put it in the listings.

I thought of another one.

A couple of years ago, I bought a house that came with a riding lawn mower. It didn’t affect my decision to buy the place, but I was glad to have it. The property had 1 1/2 acres of lawn, and I suppose the riding lawn mower would go a long ways towards defusing the standard buyer’s objection to the mowing involved.

Price may be what sells, but a gimmick might get the buyers out to look in the first place. The average buyer only looks at a couple of places before he buys, so you need to get him to look at yours.

Best bet, would probably be to price it right, list it, and give the corvette to the agent who brought the buyer.

Message to Market

Envision who would purchase your property, then write your copy to reach those people.

Recently sold a property in Bostic, NC, a place you may never have heard of, but the person who purchased it was from Jackson Hole, WY sight unseen, has been paying monthly and will move in this in June when his young ones are out of school.

Gentleman Farmers Home

This historic home was built in 1912. 1736 Sq. Ft with 3 bedrooms, 1 and 3/4 baths, 2 covered porches, 2 fireplaces with fire chambers in 4 rooms. Home is nestled between several large shade trees. Central heat and air conditioning installed in 2003, the entire interior has been re-modeled. Beautiful hardwood floors make the interior warm and cozy. On the adjoining open land watch for deer and Bob White quail.

Raise chickens, goats, sheep, dogs or plant a large garden on the almost 2 acres this home sits on. Included in the acreage is a second lot with separate access of over 1/2 acre that can be sold off or add a mobile home for monthly income.

Wanted to try e-bay to sell it and it sold using e-bay and currently have another one on e-bay. Still like to use giveaways (that are included in the price of the property of course), when I feel the property warrants it or will make the difference when selling. Do not have the time for the Best Offer folks, there is only one best offer and that is what I want for the property.

tatertot…the lawn mower may have done it, 1 1/2 acres of lawn surely needs mowing and a push mower would not be the way I would want to do it.

John $Cash$ Locke


What the hell is a Bob White quail?

Great ad… BTW

Jeez, John, great ad. I read it and felt the urge to buy the place sight unseen, myself.


The Northern Bobwhite’s song is a rising, clear whistle, bob-White! or bob-bob-White! The call is most often given by males in spring and summertime. Other vocalizations include a range of squeaky whistles or…

I taught a few of them on the property to say “Buy Me”, “Buy Me”… :rolleyes

John $Cash$ Locke


That copy is some of the best I’ve ever read!!

AWESOME point about how important it is to describe your property in a way which sets a tone for the buyer.

Great advice!!!

Yes, the advice is, always ask, and learn to frame the question / make the offer so compelling so that only an idiot would say no.

For example, when signing them in for a tan session, hold up a bottle of the pre-tan spritzer and say "this spritzer helps your skin stay moist in the tanning bed, it’s normally $14.95 but since you’re on the 6 month subscription we can put it on your account for only $10. Would you like one for your friend also?