Creative Real Estate WHat works


I am new to realestate investing and have not made any deals yet but have attended many of the local seminars where they present all day then ask you for 2-5k for thier full package.
The market seems flooded with these type of guru’s which begs the question if thier techniques are so wonderful why do they spend time selling them to us? Why dont they just continue enjoying the benifits of thier strategy and keep it secret from us thier would be competition?

Has anyone ever bought these packages and if so do you have any recomendations for somone trying to start from scratch?

First of all its all what you’re willing to pay.There are different techniques for Creative Realestate.Each one may have a different technique.Personally i would not pay 2-5k for a seminar or course(but thats me),there are plenty that will.Alot of the seasoned Investors go to these for a couple of reasons

  1. Tax write off
  2. Learn a different technique
  3. a vacation (all at the same time)

But nothing will work if you do not implement the technique! I do think you can learn alot from these REI sites,but i still think you need to educate yourself with a course or 2 and some books pertaining to it.If you e-mail me i will reccommend a course that will not cost you near the above price that you stated.Its a seminar (recorded on c.d. and d.v.d.) and has all the legal forms as well as how to fill out contracts.

I happen to agree that many “GURU’s” are enjoying more wealth “selling their secrets” instead of tending to their original business.

I’m in the personnel recruiting business (do real estate investing on the side with funds obtained through my main business) and the personnel recruiting business has its own “gurus” that earn more than their “day jobs”. Both industries are mirror images of each other.

I can tell you this: You can make BIG BUCKS in personnel recruiting. And I know of many successful real estate investors that have made millions from practically nothing.

But you do have to be choosy as to who you will select as your mentor.

I love Robert G. Allen’s events as they are fun, entertaining, and I meet lots of networking contacts. But I leave with an empty stomach as far as tangible information. R.G. Allen’s events are set up so that you have to keep buying more and more and more to obtain the next answers to your questions.

I DO LIKE Larry Goins who is in South Carolina. Visit His kit is only $700.00 or so and has more useful information in it than attending 8 consecutive full day seminars wtih Robert G. Allen’s group. (minus the charismatic, animated entertainment).

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nothing works better than work learn all you can and keep your cash out lay down !!! BUT most of all take a road and work it as your books will not tell you all but are a good start point as well not one person has all answers learn from as many doers as you can

Books…Seminars…choose your method…! In the end it boils down to your motivation…

Having a mentor in this business is crucial or at least some real estate knowledge.

Some HomeVestor franchises might train you to birddog for them…this would be a good start.

Otherwise, you need to either buy leads or field them yourself through advertising.