Creative quagmire....ideas needed !!

Potential buyer wants to buy with either owner finance or pre-approved bank loan (upto 145k). She also needs cash to go to China this fall to adopt a girl.

The solution is to find a motivated seller who will sell below value so they get instant equity but also cooperate with the buyer to increase the “sales price” so lender will lend based on “sales price” as long as appraisal supports it. Then seller will give her the cash difference.

Other than that, any other way to help this lady…legally and ethically ? I have properties I can probably owner finance for her. But any $$ I give her would have to be a loan, and the collateral will be a property that is already 100% financed !!

Is there a way to get, say, 125% financing to buy a house ?!?! BTW, this property is in Texas, even though the buyer resides now in Florida.



  1. She can find properties and bird dog for people for quick cash.

  2. Also what about looking for foreclosures and doing the same thing they can be motivative sellers also.

  3. How about finding fix up properties and wholesale them to Rehabbers and make some money by assigning the contracts.