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Hello Everyone,
I am hoping this thread gets large with personal comments from people who have used creative financing to get what ever they wanted. I read a thread today called “Need Advice”;action=display;threadid=8429 and it made me think that it would be awesome to get what other people have done for creative financing.

I am looking to see off-the-wall things or truly creative. What is the best creative deal that you have done? Doesn’t need to be detailed but something that we can all see and maybe get our creative juices flowing for that next deal.

The thing that got me thinking of this was:

Offer to purchase half of her interest in the property. You fix up the property and the two of you split the profits.

See what I mean: I am in a different Discussion Forum and saw something that looks like what I was thinking this thread could be and there was a link to an earlier posting at;action=display;threadid=4002

I found another post (Sorry but since I haven’t done a deal yet I have no personal tales of creativeness to tell).;action=display;threadid=6587;start=0#msg25826
Re:living solely on rental income
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Appraised at 169,000 Purchase price 122,500 Repairs 0 Cash to closing 1,421.56 cash back 12,700.00

Owner carry 20% and dismiss at closing $33,800 (give or take)

80% loan to value no Mortgage insurance mortgage of $135,200 or 899.49 per month! Rent $1,200.00

So another creative way (if I have this right) work with the seller on a price below appraised value, have them foot 20% so the banks will carry the 80% on the condition that at closing they dismiss their 20% since they are really selling it to you at the $122,500 price tag.

If anyone finding some other creative ways in th eold forums would love to hear.

I love this idea of Robb’s - my question is how do you get the seller to “forgive” the 20% carry back at closing - is it just as simple as writing it into the contract? So they’re not like - ah, I never said I was going to forgive 20%!

I mean, does the bank/lender see what’s being done - does it matter? do they care? will they flip out?

It is as easy as never recording the lien!!! LOL

Make the lien and never record it!

OK - I’m definitely thinking in the box here so excuse that fact. . .

Isn’t that illegal??

why would it be it is the sellers money if they don’t want to record the lien it is there choice!

You’re right. But what prevents them from down the line deciding - oh I need $33K so let me record this lien and get my $ from Bank-of-Robb!

Remember I have not done this before - is there like a set time frame in which a lien must be recorded before it’s null and void?

As a buyer I never sign the and paperwork with no signature on them is just as worthless as the paper it is writen on!!! LOL

o.k. o.k. Instead of creative financing, I’m renaming this thread to creative bandit signs - even though this is not the marketing forum. But I know you’re busy and can’t be on all forums at once.
Please toss me a bone and email me one of your stellar ideas for a bandit sign I can use in Maryland. We have the big foreclosure law here so there can be NO reference to foreclosure, debt, behind on payments, mortgage problems, or any of the normal stuff you’d associate with an REI bandit sign because this state is so screwed up with this stupid law!

I am going to use a service that puts them out and takes them down for me because of our also-stupid local ordinances and before I invest the $$ I want to know I have “equity” in the sign. HA HA HA I just cracked myself up!

Ah, I just need a deal! :-[


That’s what happens when your state gets colored in THAT color!


My favorite deal to date was a lease with option to purchase. I found a place that was on the rental market a long time. I got in at 550 a month, did some cosmetics and rerented at 670 a month. I bought after 6 months at 41,500 and sold 4 months after that at 55,000.

The main ingredient was an out of area absentee landlord who did not really know the potential of his property. So I basically got in for no money down, (1 month rent, 1 month security).

Now this isn’t high finance but it sure was sweet for a now money down and flip.

Yeah, I hear you. Trust me, I’m red blooded all the way, never BLUE! :wink: I’m living in the reddest county in the state, I believe.