Creative financing help ASAP!

So I found a buyer to a property that I’m selling for 265k, BUT she can only come up with 230k from a cash lender. What options would she have to get the rest of the money??? Could she get the other 35k through a hard money loan or through a different lender?? Please let me know something asap as my contract will expire tomorrow!


FYI, the seller will extend if I’ve got a buyer.

what about a seller second?

What is a seller second? Can I do something like one of the following and if so, how do I go about doing this:

  • The buyer can use her 320k money lender and get a second hard money loan for only 35k of the remainder??
  • The buyer can use her 320k money lender and get a second hard money loan for the appraisal amount?
  • The buyer can get a full hard money loan?


What about you carrying the loan for one year, and then she must refinance.
Just a thought.

I don’t know much about financing yet. What are the risks involved in doing that? I wouldn’t want to lose my money or wreck my credit if something happens…

Sell her the home for $265k, her lender gives you $230k at closing and she gives you a note (2nd mortgage) for the remaining $35k at closing. That is a seller second, which carries an interest rate and monthly payment to you. Of course you have to work this around your paying off whatever is currently owed on the property so you can transfer title. The risk is she does not pay on the 2nd mortgage and you foreclose on the property.

so what happened? get the seller to extend the contract with you?