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I am in the process of trying to obtain a web address. I need advice on what is the most efficient , most effective, most cost efficient way to have a we site created. I know already, what I want my address to be, and luckily it is still available… can you experienced pros give me some direction… on who would be the most cost effective to purchase my domain from… also, what is the best route to go as far as hosting and keeping my web updated with current info… customer forms, you know all the good stuff we need to come across as a professional business… because I am just starting up, I would would like to minimize my cost initially.what hostings would you recommend?.
thanks for all the input REI family…

Cost will depend on your technical abilities. It will range from $3/month to $2500/month. is where I have some of my hosting, I believe I pay $3 or $5/month. I did my own website though. I started by copying other investors’ website till I came up with my own content. My website still have the general layout of Paul’s (sorry paul! but I liked it!).

As far as forms goes, you either need to know to make them, pay someone to do it for you, or get one of the higher priced hosting companies that allows you to create forms on the fly such as for $25/month.

I like for buying domains and hosting. They are very reasonable and you get a lot for the price.

I personally like They are very reasonable and you get a lot for the price.

I like for buy the domain.

For hosting I like

I use but I have a suggestion.

It would be much cheaper and faster if you used a real estate web service that is already up and running. There are many providers, some cost a lot and some don’t.

I created a top of the line real estate website for my business. You can check it out by following my posted by name. It is very cheap and you can post your own content to the site. I use this site to get my real estate leads. This is what I use for most of my marketing. I get 5-6 leads a week for my local area and much more all over the country.
Let me know what you think.

any suggestions regarding designing a rei site

find one you like and copy it.

I would use a squeeze page with a blog as your content management system.

Check out

You will see that there is a squeeze page … and then you get to see the rest of the site.

This is for a buyer’s website.

The form is done via

PM me and I can help you with creating a great affordable website

Personally, I would go with 1and1. You can buy .com domains for $5.99 (it raises to $6.99 very soon), hosting packages for $3.99/month and they even have web designer services that come with it (no HTML experience should be required). If you want to work out a website on your own and need a design idea, just do a google search for ‘Free Webpage templates’. That should give you quite a few results of some good sites that provide website templates for free.

I’ve used before, and canceled my hosting account in less than a week. It was the most cryptic interface for a hosting provider than I have ever seen :bs

Godaddy is decent for basic hosting, as well as Bluehost