creating email list

Friends, Do you think it would make sense to capture the email addresses of those who inquired through the website and put them on the mailing list ?
Bunch of leads that we get are useless, but some - I suppose - might be more motivated in the future…

What are your thoughts?..

Beats throwing the info away

I’m guessing these are people who inquired about selling their home? The best thing to do is setup an autoresponder for those e-mails and market to them every couple of weeks. They will get more motivated as time goes on. Also, many say you need to get your message in front of a person at least 7 times before they respond.

Tom is there a way to setup a free autoresponder?

Yes, I’m sure there are free autoreponders but the problem is they usually put ads onto the messages you send. It distracts from the message you are sending.

I use Aweber and it’s a great easy to use system. You can easily do HTML e-mails, etc and it only costs $19.95/month

You can get more info here:

You should definitely keep in touch with them. This gives you the perfect opportunity to market yourself to these people. I also use aweber and all you really need to do is set up an autoresponder sequence and then you don’t even have to worry about anything.

sniper, your flashing clock makes me crazy…lol change is a good thing…