Creating Back Links

I have been scouring the internet for places I can create back links. I have them on Real Estate Investor forums, such as this one, but I am looking for forum more closely related to my actual target, which is people who need to sell their home fast (ie: foreclosures, probate, divorce, … you know the drill). Are there any forums that you know of that target this group? Or any specific category within this group?

You may want to try Not sure how targeted they can be but they have a huge forum and if done right it will could generate some good leads. I am thinking of experimenting with them soon. Also, I would suggest adding a PPC campaign with google it will pretty much target your demographics

BTW: I love your site man, it’s really fresh, clean, and appealing. If I didn’t know any better I was about to input my property information there!

Thanks a lot!

I’ll check out that site. Thanks for the help.

I think the algorithm for Google now doesn’t require for you to stay with in the niche. You can also go for directories for additional links. :slight_smile:

I would search for things like this, replace [Area] with your Neighborhood or City or State, keep trying different things. It generally is not hard to find 20 or 30 places to post or submit.

[Area] Agent Directory
[Area] Real Estate Directory
[Area] Real Estate Agent Directory
[Area] Real Estate Agents

You get the idea, but try all three - Neighborhood, City, and State, and whatever else you can think of. It’s time consuming, but if you spend say an hour a day for a couple months I think you will definitely see some results. Also, don’t neglect on site content and optimization. You really need both – off site and on site – optimization to get results.

hope this helps,

It looks like you are more focused on advertisement not on backlinks.
there is no need to find very specific websites.

I make use of boolean strings for searching into forums or links that are specific and what am I looking for.