Creating a new website, one more headache....

How does everyone go about creating a website for their company? Do you go to a designer or use one of these services that lets you create the site yourself and they do the hosting?

I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to find the best place for the services they provide but I have no sort of “TECH” background at all and all the details they keep pushing in regards to “increased bandwith” and “multiple servers” isn’t really helping. :banghead

Any help is appreciated

If you know a little about design go to and use their editor… Here are a couple example of a site I created using it… Took a couple hours… or or

If you dont want to deal with it try and have the developers bid on one for you… this is cheap however you have to tell them what you want.

If you dont like that then buy a package site… Something like

You might be best served to just sign up on one of the lead generation sites like or

Good luck

If you have no technical skills when it comes to designing or setting up a simple webpage, then Micheal’s advice is good to follow. Even if you have to pay some money it will save you a lot of time compared to trying to figure out how to develop your own site. But if you have more time then money look into the following…

Web Host:

this is where your web site will be stored and served to the public. You’ll also be able to register your domain name ( here.

Using Wordpress software to easily create your webpages.

Wordpress is a blogging platform at it’s core but you can easily create good looking sites for anything you need.

Hope that helps some

If you want you can hire someone to do it for you. Try as they have some awesome coders who can do things for very cheap.

You said you are not that “techy”. But that;s not a problem. If you a are in real rush and really want to finish the website asap, then you can hire for freelance web designers. But if you want to make it yourself, you can find lots of tutorials out there regarding that.


I’m building my website now, I’m using a premium wordpress themes. There is a couple of easy edit and customize one out there like Flexx itheme also check out these websites for guidance to build a website using wordpress: * they are also memberd here on

Check out youtube and type in “wordpress websites”

if that don’t work you can alway go to

I hope that helps,