Creating a HUD

My title officer has been really good to me. I have pestered her so many times about revising a HUD after each counter from the bank.

How can I create a HUD-1 myself? I could have sworn I saw something a while back with links to resources but could not find it by doing a search. Could somebody give me a good source to creating my own HUDs?


Tucson, AZ

Hey Gregg,

I heard of this place before, but have not used it.


I have used easyhud and they are great for estimated HUD, especially if you are not sure of how to complete a HUD-1. The only downside is that it does not fill in all fields but since it is an estimate that’s ok. After your offer is accepted your closing agent, escrow etc., will prepare your final HUD-1 and include all costs. The bank will not have a problem with this.

Great! Thanks fellas

I checked the site out. It seems legitimate. Unless I hear of any better source from members hear, I am going to order this evening.

$37 is worth the price to me if I can save my escrow officer time from changing huds with so many counter offers.

Just keep having them change them for you. That IS after all a part of their job. Trust me, if it keeps you happy and your business coming to them, they are happy to do it for you.