Crazy Wholesaler Flips 6 houses this year & buys toys

So, have you guys got any deals cookin? I got 3 deals ready to close, one for $15,000, one for $14,000 and one for $8,000 all assignment fees.
And with the 3 deals I already closed on this year I’ll surpass what I did in 2014 and holy crap its just 4 months into 2015.
Fewer deals and higher profits, maybe I’m getting better at finding them or negotiating or all of the above.
Well actually, on this one house I paid 2 girls 75 buks each to hand out my door knob hangers. I thought maybe they threw them in the trash cuz I never got even one call, till 2 months later I got a call from Angela who said she lost her job and had health issues. I asked her what she wanted for her house,
I was thinking of offering no more than 110K, she tells me she wants 100K I tried not to drool and get too overly excited.
I told her, you know, I think I can do that.
Any good negotiator wud hav got her down to 85 or 90K But I knew I had room for some good profit, I thought I cud get 120K for it but, got it sold for $114,000
So now I don’t know if I shud take that bad ass 4-6 month vacation with my family to the island (We got 5 Acres there) & we got a big beautiful home on this Tropical island Paradise called Bohol, Its part of the Philippines. Or shud I just wait till next year and continue to kill this Real Estate.

Another reason I want to stay in town is I got a bad ass airplane now, I want to do some flying, its factory built experimental class, fully enclosed, 65 HP, liquid cooled w electric start, disc brakes, full instrumentation, 3 axis, cruises at 80 MPH. Can you imagine how fun it is to fly this?
I also purchased a nice Tacoma Pre-Runner pick up with all new camping gear.
I also just got a nice Honda Accord. Not to mention this gorgeous Harley I bought myself for Xmas. And were about 3/4 of the way done on rehabbing our residence.

So, staying in town and working on RE part time will be like a vacation while I’m playing with all my toys.

OK, maybe I’m bragging, but hell, when I look at what I’ve done in the last few years, the transformation in me and my earnings, I still cant believe it.
I am so grateful.

What’s really crazy is, its going to get better.
And that’s the really exciting part.
Let’s make some MONEY…

Hey man thanks for posting…you really give all new investors hope! Hard work always pays off. I’m very happy for you, please keep on sharing your deals. Blessings

I think this is the 4th nicer house I’ve flipped, this one has a pool and is in good condition. Needs updating and hard wood floors refinished and paint thu out. The after repair value is around 160K
The last few years I’ve done only vacant junky rat holes and I somehow thought that was what wholesaling was all about. That is or was my mind set. Nothing wrong with making 14 and 15K assignment fees, but what if I could do better.

Now that I’ve stumbled on these better deals, nicer homes in better neighborhoods I’m starting to think.
If I can wholesale these mid income properties, why can’t I do some high end homes and explode my profits?

I can feel those changes coming.

that’s great keep the upodates coming!!! :beer