Can’t wait to start my rental business!!

Thats friggin crazy. If I couldn’t get her to move out through an eviciton or other means I’d just offer her cash to leave. No way would I let somebody that dangerous just sit around in my building until some far off court date rolls up.

That’s a GREAT tape for anyone to watch who thinks renting apts. or homes is easy. Do yourself a favor, save some more money and get into commercial real estate. You can have problems there too, but you won’t have anywhere near the hassle evicting some nit wit. The laws are in the tenents favor because you can’t throw people out into the street according to the courts. But a business lease is a totally different ball game.

wow i thought i had it bad when my roomates/tenants leave dishes in the sink :biggrin

Absolute ignorance. As I watched that I started to feel this burning angry feeling inside. People like that don’t even deserve a place to live, and especialy get help from section 8, in my opinion. And also as a landlord, those are the kinds of situations you do NOT want to get involved in. I would have evicted a long time ago and not been involved in screaming matches and turning the light on and off. Totally unprofessional. What a freakin mess!! :beer :banghead

I’m guessin they bought the camera with their rent money.

I’m surprised that the TV people would act so shocked. I’m absolutely sure that there are MUCH worse Section 8 tenants in NYC. I’ve had many tenants that were worse than that, including one that we evicted in February. That’s just normal stuff. If you have enough rentals, you will definitely have worse tenants than that. As Jared said, a LOT of this problem was self-inflicted by the new landlord. He clearly didn’t know what he was doing.


Well that just answered my question on whether I should buy a section 8 property in a low income area. I have to say I really appreciate this post. I will wait till the next deal comes along.

That kind of thing isn’t for everyone, not everyone can tolerate that situation.

Section 8 isn’t the problem. Its the tenant and the landlords methods that caused this situation. Choose your tenants carefully whether they are Section 8 or not. Having Section 8 doesn’t mean troubles will come your way, not doing backround checks, not calling former landlords, and not doing income checks is how you bring problems on yourself. You can’t wait and hope things will get better, I am getting less and less tolerant to people’s problems. If there is a problem than an eviction letter goes out.

As a back up I carry a gun, plastic bags, and a shovel in my truck. I joke, but I do want to be prepared if the worse happens.

Good background checks/references will reveal a lot of these issues…get 3-4 landlords back if you can.

What are the odds that the behavior shown on the video is an isolated incident (hint: 0%!)


Everytime I have a tenant move out or an eviction I get a little bit jumpy. Even though there are tons of renters I still have to stop myself from cutting the corners. A landlord can not be afraid of vacancies, they need to be afraid of cutting corners and letting a bad tenant in their property.

I am very picky on tenants (now anyways), and if I gave advice to someone it would be to be never cut corners on tenant screening.