Craigslist Malfunctioning

Anybody else having trouble with Craigslist? Ghosting, requiring frequent changes of password and then refusing to accept the change, not making edited changes, showing changes but then publishing the original, refusing to open new accounts, requiring multiple sign-ins to place one ad?

I had an ad that ended up with photos of a $300K house running with the ad for a 65K house. It’s bad enough that Craigslist ran the wrong photos, but the scary thing is that it was 24 hours before I got a phone call about the house.

There are no buyers out there for a $300k house selling for $65K?

I haven’t had any problems with it today or over the weekend…but I’m just one


I’ve been having similar craigslist problems with 2 diferent ads I’ve got posted - 1 townhouse for rent, 1 home for sale. Ghosting has been particularly bad but also multiple logins and passwords required after I’m already logged into my account. Edits seem to be working fine for me though.


not posting about craigslist…I use cyberhomes quite frequently and its not giving appraisals…Anyone else use this site and have similar issues?


Clear your Cache, deleate Cookie's, scan disk and defrag, then re-boot!!!!

Works every other time!!!


Gold River,
What foreign language is that that you are writing in? :smile
I know I need to learn it. Or have a translator.


It must be Geekanese. Spoken fluently in East Asia…

I must be a geek then because I understood it :frowning:

Well I’m the biggest geek, because not only did I understand it, I know it won’t fix the problem in question.

Yeah. I got it too, but that’s about the extent of my computer troubleshooting capabilities. Wish I was better with some of that stuff.

Does anybody have an alternate place to post other than CraigsList? I mean a place where a person can get some decent exposure.

I’ve been having problems lately myself with Craigslist Ghosting my ads too.

Have a great day and put the hammer down !

Maybe they are undergoing some maintenance. Try, it’s somewhat like craigslist.

Problems seem to have cleared up and Craigslist seems to be back to normal. They were having some sort of glitch in their system.

I’d love to find something different, but they seem to be the only game in town.

I heard about the other night on a news show, but it was because of pedophiles and the ads on there. Don’t know what else they have on there.

I’ve sold a few SFH on zillow with no problems and their market estimates seem to be fairly close.

Kijiji is good, and free.