craigslist listing

is anyone familiar with craigslist or has anyone ever posted a ad on there for investors? i was just on a teleseminar and it suggested i put an ad on craigslist to find investors.
any input would be appreciated.

I use craigslist for my advertising.


In my area craigslist kind of sucks, all the douchebag realtors flag down investor posts. My last ad lasted about 30 mins before being flagged off. Without an automated system in place to repost every few hours I don’t think much exposure can be expected.

Try posting under the real estate services area or financial services area. My postings stay on the web for 4-5 weeks before they expire.

How often do you post your ads?

I find i can re-post every 48 hours, with 7 days until expiring. I could post everyday with ‘alternating but similar’ ads, to bypass the “same listing” limits.

The issue is that that section gets very little traffic in my area as far as I can tell.

I post on craigslist. You have to keep after it though. Try, and spend some $$ and hit your local pennysaver. I do not know why but people who are out of work seem to read those cheap classified tabloids.

I think some of your do not understand…My advertisements are specially formatted to target search engine traffic. It does not matter how often you post, what section you post in, or even what time of the day you post.


Sorry to say this, but sounds like you are trying to get free advertising here and having people sign up for your referral system.

I agree and have modified his posts…


I was wondering the same thing. I figured that classified pages like craigs list would work better then telemarketing scheemes (which i hate). I have spent hours posting online and still get minimal results. Is there any other way?

I’m not a advicate of self promotion. I just wanted to show people a great craigs list ad.


I have realized over a period of time that there is actually very little free trafic out there. Places like Craigslist which are free are not really designed to drive a ton of traffic or get tons of exposure over a long period of time. They have built in mechanisms to prevent that from happening. They want new and constatntly changing content.

They are really designed for sellers of single products whose sales cycles last for a short period of time. In order to really promote yourself on the web and get big and consistent reponse you will need to find places that are frequented by your ultimate clients and probably will need to spend money with those sites.

There are a few places that work for real estate but be prepared to invest money. These places are things like Google ad words, real estate blogs, and even sites like this one which sell advertising space and banner ads.

No way. But thanks

Hey Investors!!! Just wanted to let you that CraigsList is an Excellent Tool for advertising your properties that are for sale. In fact, i use them all the time and teach my team to do the same. We have very good luck building a buyers list AND have sold several properties on that website. The good thing about it is that you can post your properties in more than one city and build a nationwide buyers list. Try it out!!! you’ll be pleasantly surprised.