Anyone have any good/bad experiences buying FSBO, distressed, rentals, multiunits or any other types of properties off this site?

it’s actually - very different sites… :wink: - is a great site - I’ve had really good luck in finding bargains, including one I am working on right now:
102 year old (not a typo) woman selling her home, paying closing cost, signing life lease, structuring lease to cover my new mortgage. Found in FSBO section. Good luck. is sick!! dont know what is

dunno but when i type in .com or .org its the same site

I got the same site too.

Same sites for me too ???

ok all as far as the post to the .com web site being sick if you must know what that post was refering to he typed it in wrong if you really wanna know what their talking about when they say .com is sick try notice no s on craigs (

This is the site that everyone is looking for (its not porn but it has links to it). Its a community bulletin board with a link to individual states in the small text to the right, first column. I recently had a client contact me for a foreclosure workout from this site. ( it has a link to real estate too under the service tab.)

Good Luck,