CraigsList? Any Good Leads? need some advice...

Hello Everyone, I’m always looking for new ways to get the phone ringing. I was wondering if anybody’s had any luck with putting ads on Craigslist? Is this a good way to get leads, or not?

Also, does anybody know of any good sites for bandit signs?

Thank you

Craigslist is one of the best places for getting leads, but it’s not the only game in town.

There’s backpage, uslandco, adlandpro, etc.

Just google “Free Classified Advertising online”

I heard was good for bandit signs. You might also want to check out your local Mom & Pop shop.

Try using a Craigslist auto-poster (google it) to solicit for Sellers.

It will definitely get your phone ringing.

Matt Gerchow

I have heard that auto-posters don’t really work very well anymore due to the frequent changes on Craigslist. Is that not the case?

yea craigslist is too smart for auto posters

The quality of the leads are kind of so so,

There is a good autposter for craigslist, I use it. Web site for it is:

It can see the captcha phrase as well as part of an option when purchasing it.

You have to be careful about posting a boatload of times on CL in a short time or they will slap youir hand.

You could get some leads from Craigslist, it being free makes it a good option. Your investment is your time and patience, but if you had something better to do with your time then you may consider it.

I see nicer potential using it to network with realtors as well as contacting for sale by owner, and for rent by owner. I was contemplating this idea over the weekend and came up with an automated concept but have not tested it yet. Marketing is all about testing afterall :slight_smile:

This is the first real estate forum I have found that is active and current. :biggrin

I use Craig’s list all the time and depending on the season (we rent and sell in a second home comm., very seasonal), it can work very well. We have found the key is to keep up with it and post often.

I am always looking for free marketing ideas, I would love to hear any others suggestions.

I use but just run a search in this forum, this has been covered before.herbster

Go to and create a flyer. When you are done you can copy the HTML code and place it into the craigslist ad. It will show up as an image. Plus postlets will post at several sites.

Go back to craigslist and post your regular classified ad.

Double post that way. Change headline. Leave your address off the address bar at the bottom of the ad. You can always throw a link to the property.