Craigslist Ad Response

I recently put this ad on Craigslist:

$75000 / 3br - Handy Man Special (Greater Baton Rouge Area)

and got this reponse:

Hi I was inquiring about the 3bdrm house for sale please send pictures and more info.

I am working on several potential properties that could be of interest to the person responding to my Craigslist ad but don’t have specific info requested.

Any suggestions what to do next?

Get the information.

If you’ve got the house, then how hard can it be to drive by and get photos and look up the house info on the county assessor’s site? You should have had that done before you posted the ad.

If you don’t actually have a house and were just fishing, you write back that the house advertised is no longer available, but that you are about to acquire another house very similar.

You ask if he would like to be contacted as soon as you have the next house. You also ask if he is looking for something specific and if he would like you to keep your eyes open and send him a note if you find it.

When I post a property on cragislist, I use postlets to give the description of the house and provide photos.